How To Date During a Pandemic

Some people are single and ready to mingle! Dating is challenging even in normal circumstances, let alone during a pandemic. I have received a request to write a blogpost about dating during the pandemic. Even though this is a little beyond my expertise, I am happy to brainstorm about this and help you out! I have got your back! ?  

1. Be selective about the persons that you want to meet

The coronavirus has made casual meetups and dating risky. This provides the opportunity to think critically about what we are looking for by dating. Do you want something brief and spontaneous, something consistent and spontaneous, or something more serious for the long-term? By answering this question, you can select the person who you want to meet in person. Of course, this is also based on the conversations that you have had so far or their profile if you are on a dating app.

2. Discuss expectations and agree on boundaries before actually meeting

The coronavirus has had a different impact on people. It is good to know beforehand what a person’s take is on the pandemic and the local rules. For example, in the Netherlands we have to wear a mask in public spaces. There is a partial lockdown and a curfew. Some people might be comfortable with meeting one another with the wearing of a mask, others are okay with not wearing a mask and having physical contact. Some people might only be okay with physical contact if you have been tested. Everyone has a different perspective, and it is important to have clarity before you meet. Otherwise, it is going to be awkward from the first minute “hug? oh, no hug?” This confusion can be avoided by setting clear boundaries.

3. Dating Ideas

This depends on the boundaries that you have agreed on. Some people opt for video dating, maybe the two of you can have a video candlelight dinner. Some people are not really a big fan of this, since most people already have many video team meetings for work. I can understand that it is not ideal for everyone. That is why I would recommend doing lots of outdoor activities. The weather is getting better in the Netherlands. If you are already living in a country where the weather is nice, yay! There are so many things that you can do outdoors, such as going for a walk, picknick in a park, roller skating, or a city trip (take away food and drinks and eat outside on a bench or in the car). The last option reminds me of the commercial of McDonalds, haha. They are so good at creating a marketing strategy that responds to current events. Hopefully, the museums, theatres, cinemas will all reopen soon. Then you have more options again.

I hope that these tips have helped you. Remember that dating should be fun and relaxed for both parties. Always stay true to your authentic self and throw dating norms and expectations that make you anxious overboard, will you?! Take your time and enjoy the sometimes a bit clumsy dance of dating! Good luck!

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