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“At the core of my passion for women’s development is my thorough belief in women. We have long been socially conditioned to believe that women are inferior to men, but in uncovering and exposing such antiquated narratives we can begin to see through their thinly veiled guise. The idea that women should look, think or behave in a particular way is an old narrative that we can no longer afford to leave unchallenged. While many women have forged a path before us, its impact on the development of women in society can still be seen in the gender pay gap, glass ceiling, and lack of women in top positions. It is high time to get rid of old narratives and make space for a new era. One where women can flourish and show up unapologetically as the bold and daring humans that they are.”


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  • Female Representation, Tokenism, and the Glass Ceiling in Art, Architecture, medical sciences, sports, and politics
  • Womanhood means Motherhood: Sexist barriers hamper women to be sterilized
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  • guest blog by shanti Grooves 

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